About Us

The southern tip of Vancouver Island is one of the very best places to live. It has a distinct style and feel. Clarkston Construction is a multi-generational West cost builder dedicated to building homes that reflect the evolving needs of our homeowners and communities. We provide a custom home building experience that focuses on capturing this west coast style and creating something unique for each and every client. Based in Sooke, BC, we specialize in custom west coast homes from Metchosin to Port Renfrew. We have a broad discerning client base, including locals, friends and people relocating from afar. We strive to create homes that balance long lasting quality, reasonable cost structure, and a certain artistic local flare. By continually implementing innovative, sustainable design and enviromental stewardship in our construction techniques our homes stand for their livability, quality construction, and their beauty!

Paul Clarkston, owner of Clarkston ConstructionOur work consists mainly of custom builds, additions, and developments, ranging in scope from the modest cabin to fine detailed homes designed by world class architects. Most of our projects take place in idyllic rural settings. The ability to connect artistically between home and land is paramount for our clients. The care taken in each and every home increases with each project.

Our tight-knit local team has worked together for many years, and takes great pride in the myriad or great projects to date.  Company owner, Paul Clarkston, dedicates strong attention to architectural detail, well designed spaces, and long lasting quality materials – which makes for great houses!

Our Philosophy

Managing someone's dream home is a heavy task. It is often both the biggest purchase of a person’s life as well as one of their most engaging creative pursuits.  In truth it can be quite stressful making big decisions, always achieving peak level performance,and spending someone else's money. Certain fundamental principals have proved helpful in lessening this level of stress for both parties: 

  • Make it the best product available for its dollar value
  • Treat the client’s property and finances with the utmost level of respect
  • Aspire to only employ trades and labor with integrity, skill and accountability
  • Always provide open and honest communication
  • Apply a serious amount of care and effort

Proof of this theory is evident in having built successfully over 60 custom homes.  With each home more is learned, new products filter in and better methods get discovered, challenges get a bit easier and perhaps it’s all more fun! 

Company Profile

Clarkston Construction is a registered residential builder with the Homeowner Protection Office, and is a member in good standing with Travelers Guarantee Company of Canada - the leading provider of new home warranty coverage in British Columbia. New home buyers have the security of knowing that Clarkston meets Travelers' stringent home builders requirements for best practice home construction and after sales service for its 2/5/10 Year New Homes Warranty Coverage. Our company owner, Paul, is also as a member of the Victoria Home Builders' Association and provides full coverage for all employees with WCB insurance.

For more information from the Home Owners' Protection Office about the New Home Warranty, the Residential Construction Performance Guide is available as a PDF file.

Clarkston Construction also carries $5,000,000.00 liability Insurance, they are fully licensed with Workers Compensation Board of Canada and a member in good standing with the Sooke Chamber of Commerce.

“Each of his custom homes are unique and his style could be best described as “West Coast Modern”. The right thing to do if you are contemplating having a house built is to give Paul a call to discuss your options. I guarantee you will not be disappointed, and in fact, you will be overwhelmed by his honesty and passion for creating wonderful spaces.”
—John Mophet, Developer


Boulevard Magazine Feb 2013

My name is Sandra Fisher. My husband and I used Paul to build our home in Port Renfrew in 2012. 

We were very pleased with him and his crew. Highly recommended. Please let me know if you have any specific questions I can help you answer. If you are interested, you can check out this link to Boulevard Magazine, which featured our home in February 2013, starting on page 29.